Faith can move mountains...the mountains of poverty, neglect and homelessness.


Julius was a street boy. He asked for help and we said we would build him a home. His reply was, 


"But I am hungry today"


We gave him what we had, went back to the UK to start fund-raising to build him a home.


He was killed on the streets before the building was complete. Our conversation with this boy who died too young is one of the reasons we do what we do.



Martin and Mary Print co-founded Footsteps to help boys like Julius.

And orphans..

...and children whose home is the slum

......and many more...


They are supported by a great team of unpaid trustees and helpers in the UK, donors around the world, and wonderful staff in Kenya who are 'on the front line' in the battle to transform lives.

James was a street boy. We cared for him for 10 years, providing him with a home, education, love and encouragement.
After a difficult start, he did well at school and became an athletic champion. These skills served him well when he applied to be a ranger with Kenya Wildlife Service.
Once a nuisance on the streets, James went on to play a  vital role protecting Kenya's wildlife heritage.
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The Sunshine Centre where we transform the lives of (former) street boys like Joseph


Tumaini - a home for orphaned and abandoned children


School meals to boost health and education in slum schools


Skills training for disadvantaged young people