Changing the face of education in Uganda
About Two Bridges

Harriet and John are Ugandan education pioneers.

In 2014 Two Bridges School was in a bad way. Children were badly treated, the education was poor and it was due to be closed by the local government officials.It was the only school in the area and the local people pleaded with Harriet and John to take it on before it was completely shut down and sold.


The poverty they saw around the school and the clear need for a decent primary school persuaded them to do what they could to help.



Harriet and John would love to provide lunch for all of the 150 children at Two Bridges School. A lunch of nutritious maize and beans would provide their main meal of the day.


A good school lunch helps a child concentrate, boosts nutrition, encourages parents to send their children to school, and increases resistance to sickness.


£15 pays for lunch for one day for the 150 children at Two Bridges.

£1,000 pays for lunch for a whole term for the 150 children at Two Bridges


Help us reach that target!



Two Bridges is just starting on a journey. Harriet and John are committed to bringing different ideas into education and offering alternatives to the rather formal and didactic teaching styles usually used in Uganda.


They both have a lot of experience of the education system in the UK. They have run training courses for teachers already.

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We are Christians on a mission to ”Love God and …our neighbour as ourselves”.

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