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Street children, Kenya

​Every year, thousands of children leave home to seek a ‘better life’ on the streets. Victims of broken homes and poverty, they survive by scavenging and stealing, sniffing glue to dull the pangs of hunger.


Yet each one is a young person with a name and a dream...         Find out more....

Life skills training

Food or education? If you could only afford one which would you choose for your child?

We make the choice easier by providing school meals, education sponsorship, technical training and new classrooms...


Find out more....


Transforming lives

We transform the lives of some of the world's neediest young people:

○    A home for street boys

○    Raising orphaned and abandoned          


○    Strengthening education for children in  

      slum schools.

            ... and much more         


Find out more....

Footsteps International helps YOU show your COMPASSION for some of the world's NEEDIEST people. We connect those who NEED HELP with those who are willing to GIVE it.


We work with local partners in Kenya to help relieve the impact of poverty, disease and disadvantage.


Footsteps is managed by trustees who are committed to putting their Christian faith into action.


We honour Jesus Christ’s command to “Love the Lord your God...and your neighbour as yourself.” We do not discriminate against any needy person on the grounds of their religion, ethnicity or nationality.

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Mary died on 14th October 2023 after a two year battle with cancer. Her legacy lives on in the hundreds of young people whose lives she touched.

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