A home for children with no home. Parents for those with no parents.


Kennedy and Ruth have both lost their parents.

With no family to support them, they faced insurmountable difficulties. But, our Tumaini Children's Home in Mombasa was there for them.


We started to look after Kennedy in 2001. Today he is at university studying to be a business man.


Ruth came to Tumaini in 2013 after her mother died. She's in school, and has 20 brothers and sisters to look after her now.

If you would like to help...


We built the Tumaini Children's Home with the help of many supporters.

Since 2004, Tumaini has been a home to children like Pauline and Mike who love to play ludo...to Kenyan rules!


Local mothers keep an eye out for orphans who need help and refer them to the Home.



Charles and Mary successfully raised a family of their own. Just as they thought their work was done, they acquired a new family of 12 orphaned and abandoned children.

Today, they care for a family of 20 children. And they stay in touch with many of the 12 original 'Tumaini Kids' who have left the home and are now at college or in work.

Kennedy, Ruth, Pauline and Mike are growing up confident of where their future lies. If you would like to make a donation to help them and the other children at Tumaini, please respond now. 

Tumaini success story...
My name is Emily.

I was one of a group of twelve orphaned and abandoned children who were housed in a dilapidated house in a dangerous area of Mombasa. The house was dirty, had no electricity or running water and each of us had a single cardboard box that held our clothes and toys.

I came to Tumaini Children's Home in 2003 and life was much better. I had a new mum and dad to look after me and I did well at school.

After I left high school I started my nursing course at Presbyterian University of East Africa from 2013-2016. When I completed my course I was licenced as a registered nurse by the Nursing Council.

At University we had so many practical activities at the hospital besides theory work in class. We rotated in various departments, such as theatre, paediatric ward medical and surgical wards, obstetric and gynaecology wards. I learnt how to medically assess and manage various mental conditions. My favourite was nursing paediatrics and participating in theatre as a scrub. 


Currently, am working at Seaside Medical Center in Mombasa. Here I get the opportunity to participate in theatre as a runner, conducting normal deliveries and managing preterm babies in nursery. 

We are Christians on a mission to ”Love God and …our neighbour as ourselves”.

We put faith into action to help some of the world’s poorest and most needy people.

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