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Footsteps was founded in 2001 by Martin and Mary Print who have a passion for helping desperately poor children in the country in which Martin grew up. They run the charity in their ‘spare time’ and visit Kenya regularly at our own expense to check on progress. They are helped by many, many wonderful people.

Where we work


Our projects are mostly in Kenya – a land of extremes of fabulous natural beauty and extreme poverty. It is one of the poorest countries in the world with 40% unemployment and 50% of people living below the poverty line (source: CIA World Factbook).


Naivasha: Sunshine Rehabilitation Centre, Naivasha Polytechnic, Bishop Wambari Girls School. Nearby tourist attractions include Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru (famous for flamingos), and the Masai Mara national reserve.


Mombasa: Tumaini Children’s Home and Tumaini Primary and Secondary Schools. Nearby you can enjoy the wonderful beaches and the old town of Mombasa.


Nairobi: Church on the Rock School and Imani pre-school. The capital of Nairobi with a national park right on the edge of the city, plus the Karen Blixen museum, animal orphanage and other attractions.


Other: We have also supported projects in Sierra Leone, Zambia, Uganda, DR Congo and Burma.

Glyn and Jane Davies

Simon and Rebecca Kinyanjui

Ruth and Bernard Ndetei

Charles and Mary Osaleh

Our partners at Tumaini
IMG-20191106-WA0007 v3.jpg

Martin and Mary Print - co-founders of Footsteps International

Barbara Huntley is a retired nurse

Paul Robinson is CEO of a large Christian charity


Wendy McMahon is an occupational therapist

Barrie Francis is a retired water engineer


Ben Gardner is ICT manager at a large Christian charity

Our partners

We only work with trusted local partners:


Glyn and Jane Davies are English missionaries based in Mombasa. Footsteps International worked jointly with their charity Education for Life to build the Tumaini Centre in Mombasa. They run the Tumaini School, and oversee the Tumaini Children’s Home, Mombasa.


Rev Simon and Rebecca Kinyanjui. Simon is a pastor as well as the Director of the Naivasha Polytechnic and the Sunshine rehabilitation Centre where his wife Rebecca is also a key worker.


Pastor Bernard and Ruth Ndetei run the Church on the Rock School in the Kware slum, Nairobi. They oversee the sewing project based at the school.


Charles and Mary Osaleh are house-parents to the orphans at Tumaini Children’s Home. They manage their extended family with a combination of warm love and military precision!


Rotary Clubs: We gratefully acknowledge the support we have received from many Rotary Clubs including Bromley, Gravesham & Ebbsfleet, Tonbridge, Medway, Orpington, Park Langley, Nakuru, and Naivasha.

Our trustees


Our trustees are all Christians committed to putting their faith into action and to honour Jesus Christ’s requirement to “Love the Lord your God….and your neighbour as yourself.”


All the Trustees are volunteers, and do not receive any reimbursement for their work for the charity. No fares or other travel expenses are paid to the Trustees.


Martin Print was a business consultant and Mary Print is a retired GP. Prior to starting Footsteps, they helped run a successful charity that provided homes for deprived children in India.


Barbara Huntley is a retired nurse.


Paul Robinson is CEO of a large charity that supports persecuted Christians world-wide, and Barrie Francis is a retired water engineer with a passion for helping young people in need. 

Ben Gardner is an ITC manager with a large Christian charity, and has visited Kenya on several occasions to meet the children we support and the staff who care for them.

Wendy McMahon is an occupational therapist who has a passion for helping severely disadvantaged people in Kenya and Sky-Dived in 2022 to raise funds for our work.

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