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Virtual Kenya Marafun banner 2022 June with date squarer.jpg
The 2022 Kenya Marafun will be a virtual event held on 18 June.
Anyone can take part

Anywhere in the world

The boys from the Sunshine street boys centre in Naivasha are going to run in the area round the Centre. Supporters from UK and, hopefully, other countries, can join in by jogging, walking or running any distance of their choice on the same day.

Anyway - run, jog, walk, cycle any distance you choose - the choice is yours 

Last year’s virtual event was a huge success and the boys from the Sunshine Centre would love to know you are supporting them this year by:

  1. Taking part yourself - you can run, jog, walk, cycle any distance anywhere you choose (complying with any Covid restrictions in place at the time). 
    Email us to let us know you plan to take part - the Sunshine Boys will be VERY excited!

  2. Raising sponsorship or sponsoring the Sunshine boys. The sponsorship page is ready to take donations.

  3. Sending us a selfie when you have completed your Virtual Kenya Marafun - the boys will love seeing you supporting them!

Kenya Marafun collage.jpg

The Kenya Marafun:
- a run that lasts for ever

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