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Transform a child's life....and yours. Sponsor a child is an investment in something that money can’t buy - helping shape a child’s life and giving them hope for the future.
Four Sunshine Boys explain what sponsorship means to them

£30 per month covers the cost of food and shelter.


Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a child.


We will send you details of the child you will be sponsoring and ask you to set up a monthly standing order. Our non-UK sponsors can make regular credit card donations to get their donations to us. 


Once your donations are in place, we will send you a sponsorship certificate, and three updates each year.

Sponsors are free to write to their sponsored child, but we urge them not to send gifts (you will appreciate that this can cause problems for other children who may feel disappointed). A gift like a football that can be shared by all the children is welcome.

Each sponsor receives a sponsor certificate with a photograph and details of the child...

...and three progress reports each year

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