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A holiday with a mission
Working hard!
How a Task Team works...


The aim of a task team is to provide a facility for a needy community, and to have a lot of fun in the process by including a visit to Kenya to see the work being done.


A Task Team plans and funds the project with input from our local team in Kenya. After a lot of planning, the work commences and the Task Team visits while the project is taking place so that they are actively involved in the delivery of the project.

The visit includes the opportunity to spend time with staff and children on our projects, attend a local church, and enjoy some of Kenya's fabulous wildlife.

The X1 Church Watford Task Team


After months of planning, nine members of X! Church, Watford raised funds to build a rain-water storage tank at a school near Naivasha which has no piped water. Children have to bring their own water to school, and there is little clean water for washing hands (an obvious health hazard). 

The team also raised the funds needed to paint 10 dormitories at the Sunshine Centre. 

Planning a Task Team visit to Kenya...


A successful Task Team visit requires very careful planning and fund-raising which takes many months. 


It will involve several meetings to discuss options, set realistic expectations and plan a visit that balances work with experiencing all the wonderful people, places and wildlife that make Kenya so special.


If you are interested, contact us now! 

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