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Slum children dream of success. We help their dreams come true.


Sarah lives in a tin house in the kwa Reuben slum in Nairobi. If she stretches her arms out, she can touch the houses on both sides of the street at the same time. A stream of grey sewage runs at the side of the road as she walks to school.  

Sarah goes to school hungry because her parents can’t afford to give her breakfast. 



For many of the 350 children at the Church on the Rock School, the lunch of nutritious maize and beans the school provides is their main meal of the day.


A good school lunch helps a child concentrate, boosts nutrition, encourages parents to send their children to school, and increases resistance to sickness.



Good exam results increase a child's chance of eventually having a good, well-paid job. A job that is a passport to enable the child to fulfil his or her dreams and leave the slums behind forever.


Footsteps has provided text books and new classrooms to ensure that each child has the best chance of success.

If you would like to help...

13 pence pays for lunch for one child in the kwa Reuben slum. £250 will feed all 350 children each school day for a week. 


Ruth Ndetei explains how free school lunches help the children at the Church on the Rock School in Nairobi's slums

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