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Here are some examples of our immediate needs - can you help?


Footsteps educates 150 orphaned and abandoned children. Although primary education in Kenya is supposed to be free, 90% of the costs are actually borne by the parents. As our kids have no parents, we have to pay fees.

  • A gift of £100 covers the cost of school fees and levies for a year

Free school meals...

We provide free school meals for 500 children at two schools in the slums of Nairobi. The children benefit from not being hungry, they are healthier and encouraged to come to school. The result?  Better exam results and a better chance of getting a well-paid job and leaving a life of poverty behind.


  • A gift of £50 buys 500 school meals

Caring for orphaned and abandoned children...

Lucy is a mum who has opened her home to take in 4 orphaned children. She treats them as her own children. Jacob, the youngest, needs special help but is doing well because Lucy makes sure he receives regular medication.


  • £100 helps Lucy look after her extended family for a month.


We also care for 20 orphaned and abandoned children at our Tumaini Children's Home.

  • A gift of £30 helps us look after one chlld for a month.

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