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Food and facemasks:fighting the impact of coronavirus

Current situation in Kenya The reported number of Covid 19 cases in Kenya is low but rising. The main impact to date has been economic hardship as a result of the collapse of tourism, and the closure of hotels and flower farms which employ tens of thousands of people. The poorest are being hit the hardest. Mothers who earned a small amount packing vegetables and doing washing report that their earnings have dried up because of social distancing measures. Fathers who do casual work at quarries report that their earnings have dropped as construction slows down.

Here is a brief update on how we are using the resources we have to fight back against the impact of the pandemic.


Sunshine street boys’ rehabilitation Centre, Naivasha

Almost all our (former) street boys have left the Sunshine Centre to live with their families, and are therefore back in the conditions that drove them to the streets in the first place (our staff are looking after those that have no relatives).

The Sunshine Centre team launched a massive effort to get emergency aid packs to each family, providing them with food and soap, and reassuring them that they are not forgotten.

Over a period of 4 days, the Sunshine Centre team supplied emergency packs to 100 families, helping a total of 602 beneficiaries (we are helping the whole family, not just 'our' Sunshine Boy).

Photo top: Emergency packs ready for distribution

Middle left: A mother loads her emergency pack into the matatau (minibus) provided to take her home safely

Middle right: Mama Chege hands over an emergency pack to Sunshine Boy Victor Ochieng and his family.

Bottom left: The beneficiaries received advice on hygiene and social distancing, and prayers for safe-keeping led by pastor Joseph.

Bottom right: Sunshine Boy Joseph Thumbi at home and thankful for the family's emergency pack


Tumaini Children’s Home, Mombasa

The orphaned and abandoned children we care for at Tumaini in Mombasa are all staying in the home. House-dad Charles Osaleh reports:

We are all doing well, but getting food is now hard and prices have gone up. Our children used to have their lunch at school during the weekdays, but now we are feeding them at home.

Home school is going on well...except when there are power cuts!

Evelyn Wekesa fosters four orphaned children in her home which is just a stone's throw from the Tumaini Children' Home.

She sent us this photo of Nora, Purity, Chris and David, showing that they are keeping well.

Her message to us was: We wish well, and we pray to God to set us free from corona. May God bless you.

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